My Experience With Exposure Therapy

In my previous post about Emetophobia, I mentioned that I went through Exposure Therapy and how much it helped me manage my symptoms. Since then, I got quite a few questions about the therapy so I thought I'd write a little about my experience in a hope that it can dispel some myths and maybe … Continue reading My Experience With Exposure Therapy


The Day I Wore A Dress

Today I embarked on a huge I wore a dress. Yes, I can hear you "like so what, you wore a dress???" but the thing is, this dress has been sat in my wardrobe for over 12 months, never worn. Why? Because anorexia told me I was too fat for it. Anorexia has been … Continue reading The Day I Wore A Dress


A few weeks back when I was browsing the magazine aisles at the airport I spotted something a little different. 'Breathe' is a mental health and wellbeing magazine focussing on taking a little time out for yourself and letting go of the guilt.  I honestly wasn't expecting much, just something easy to flick through on … Continue reading Breathe…